Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 197: Crane Fly

Or a Daddy Long Legs to me!  My dad calls really long legged spiders Daddy Long Legs though so it is kind of confusing.  I really like this and it was born of experimentation as always.  We noticed it while sitting in the bus shelter waiting for the bus and I decided it might be worth a photo or 2 just in case.  So the usual straight on ones are boring and not good as I expected.  I tried one at a right angle and it sucked too.  Then I angled it so we are looking at its head through its legs and I liked it - especially as we end up with legs and wings all going off in different directions and fading out from focus to fuzziness, and cropped down it fills the frame very nicely.  I even like the scratched perspex it is sitting on - it adds something but I'm not sure what.  Interest, whilst being flat enough not to be distracting?  No idea! :-)

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