Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 186: Clashnessie Waterfall

Back in Lochinver for some shopping, we tried the Lifeboat shop again and I got my station name badge!  This was especially good as we were staying here a couple of years ago and I couldn't get one then.  I also found out that the other Lifeboat, the Fraser Flyer, is a relief Lifeboat and they had it there while their Lifeboat was getting some work done.  I like information that solves mysteries!  We went up from Lochinver round the road that goes round by Stoer Point, without actually going out to the point itself (if that doesn't make sense - it's ok - I know what i mean ;-p).  The road works it's way up quite high as you come back towards the main road and you get good views but they are better when there isn't quite so much misty rain!  We came across a lovely beach at Clashnessie and this waterfall.  There is a path up to the waterfall and you can get right to the bottom of it.  There was quite a lot of wind and we got absolutely drenched by the mist coming off the waterfall - it was brilliant!  Meant that photography at the bottom of the falls was a no go which is a shame because it would have been fun to try for all the splashing at the bottom or the spray.  It's a pity it isn't closer to home because I think it's my favourite waterfall I can remember seeing and I'd love to have done more photographs on a better day.  Or just gone there on a warm sunny day where it wouldn't matter if you got soaked and spent ages there :-D  As it was, I was glad my fleece was waterproof as well as my jacket, and I ended up with soggy trousers again!

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