Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 187: Muddy Tiger

Home today and it was a long way.  Although actually it didn't seem as far as it did going up there in the first place - maybe because this time we were going down the country - downhill all the way ;-p  We stopped at the Highland Wildlife Park for lunch, although in my case there was far more tiger spotting than actual eating of lunch.  But I watched the tigers eat lunch - that counts, right?  The three cubs are enormous now and are going to be indistinguishable from the adults pretty soon in terms of size and fluffiness.  They were given lunch but they had to work for it!  It was mostly all hung on branches so they had to stretch and reach and climb to get it.  Seeing an enormous tiger holding onto a tree with its claws is awesome - it's unbelievable that they can do it but here is the evidence below.  I was pretty annoyed all my climbing tiger photos were rubbish but the angles through the glass just weren't lending themselves to eliminating the reflections on the glass so you can see a shadow of my red rain jacket in that photo!  The one above I was really pleased with though - tigers are so photogenic.  And I have another one I really like that I might put on DA later (no I still haven't updated it and yes I will eventually!).

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