Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 194: Wing Walkers

We went to the Museum of Flight Airshow at East Fortune today.  It was kind of grey which sucked for photos but I had a great time anyway and I have no idea what my favourite plane was because there was such a variety of cool planes!  These guys (AeroSuperBatics) are awesome though.  I love the Stearmans - they look good and they sound fantastic - the kind of thing that makes me squeak in excitement (and I did at one point ;-p).  Not only that but they have a couple of girls who climb up on the wing and do insane things whilst enduring g-forces of up to 4G and travelling at great speed.  They are great fun and I always enjoy seeing them.  Other favourites were the Vampire, Skyraider (which I've never seen before), Pitts Special, Catalina Flying Boat, Aerostars (aerobatic team of 6 Yaks who were fantastic) and the fantastically painted Hawker Hunter Miss Demeanor.  Oh and there was the Spitfire, and an aerobatic glider which is insane and very impressive.  And, yeah, basically I liked everything ;-p  I can't imagine how I would go about organising an airshow as I would want everything!

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