Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 176: Submarine

This is one of 2 XT-Craft in Aberlady Bay.  The X-Craft were World War 2 midget submarines and the XTs were used as training craft.  There were 6 and when they were decommissioned 2 of them were anchored and shot at to determine what kind of damage they would sustain under attack.  No one ever recovered them and they are still there today, accessible at low tide.  It's really quite eerie walking up to them although, knowing that there was no one in them when they were wrecked, it shouldn't be.  They are also very small and I can't imagine sitting in one on my own, let alone with 4 other people.  This is the slightly less intact of the 2 subs but I liked seeing inside it.  It was also one of the few photos that the sun deigned to shine upon!  And I like the way it is pointing out to sea as if it wished it was out there in the water, still swimming around.  I was really disappointed it wasn't more of a sunny day but maybe I will get to go back sometime on a better day for photographs :-)

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