Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 178: Steam Train

This is Neilson Reid 0-6-0T Coltness Iron Co. Ltd. No.1 "Lord Roberts" departing Bo'ness railway station.  I love Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway and I love steam trains.  I don't remember when I realised just how awesome steam trains are - I certainly am not interested in modern trains.  I do, however, remember a past paper I did in English as practice for upcoming exams where the passage we had to read and answer questions on was about someones memories of seeing a steam yard and falling in love with the trains.  I remember picturing the yard and the movements described and it was all bathed in a golden light and I agreed wholeheartedly with that person.  I didn't often enjoy what we were reading in English but I wish I knew now what that came from as I would love to read it again.

I haven't often been to Bo'ness and this time we did the Scottish Railway Exhibition at the back of the railway instead of going on the train - it is most definitely an either/or situation as I spent hours geeking out over the trains and carriages and all the shiny worn metal in that museum - there was no time for a train ride too!  In fact I probably could have done with more time as I was so excited about the trains I didn't get round to really reading anything!  I have a ton of photos from inside the museum but I decided that really, it just had to be the train that was really going and steaming.  Does the engine remind you of anyone?!  I was a little sad that the engine we saw last time wasn't on because it was beautiful, but apparently there is a problem with it, so get well soon Morayshire!  Maybe I'll get back for a train ride sometime soon - last time I was asking the guard lots of questions and when we got to the end of the line he let me blow the whistle and wave the flag to set the train off again - I was over the moon!  And I got a "guard" badge from the shop :-D

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