Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 181: Out To Sea

It rained this morning and there was lots of low cloud over the mountains and a loads of little waterfalls.  We went to have a look at Achmelvich beach and Clachtoll beach, both of which were lovely but it was too cold and rainy to make sand castles :-(  It brightened up while we were at Clachtoll and by the time we were on our way back there was glorious sunshine which just reinforces the whole "if you don't like the weather in Scotland, just wait 5 minutes" thing!  On the way back we stopped to have a wee look at what we thought was going to be a waterfall, and right enough there was a wee waterfall down the path but before it there was an old mill (there was a sign that said "mill" at the top of the path but, yay for observation, we missed that ;-p).  The mill is a horizontal mill which I had never heard of before, and basically works on the same principles as the ones with the big wheels... but flat!.  There's an article here all about the principles of them and how they work and showing the location of the Altan na Bradhan mill that we saw.  The path continued on past the mill and we went a bit further and you could see all the way down to the sea.  I really liked seeing down the course of the river to where it met the sea, and seeing the sea winding out through the rocky edges of the mainland out into the open - I'm not sure I've ever seen that before and it got me my favourite pictures of the day :-)

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