Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 183: Waterfall


We went into Lochinver to do a few bits and pieces today.  I got to go and see the Lifeboat which was good and what was even better was there were 2!  Yet another of my geekisms is liking Lifeboats and I have been collecting Lifeboat badges with station names on them - unfortunately there was no one in the shop so no name badge this time.  We went for a wander round Achmelvich Castle which is very interesting and is out on what is almost an island into the loch.  It was a rather grey day though so it just wasn't very photogenic - could have done with some sunshine to warm it up and a nice blue sky to show it off.  When we parked the car, however, I spotted this waterfall.  It's not enormous but I rather liked it and what was better was that it was actually accessible for photos.  A lot of the ones we have seen are tucked away next to the road where you can't stop to look.  And while I was there I saw a giant blue dragonfly which was really cool and I got quite close to it - those photos didn't come out so well though because there wasn't enough light to get enough depth of field!

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