Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 185: Boat

We went up to Oldshoremore beach and had a walk up and down the beach, looked in the rock pools and looked at the cliffs and all the stones at the bottom of the cliffs - there was lots of different kinds of stone and a lot of nice sparkly stuff and a cool wee cave/passage thing in the bottom of one of the cliffs.  I chose a nice flat stone to paint on and I will try and paint something from our holiday on it!  The beach was lovely but the weather was pretty awful - cold and rainy and misty - I ended up with "soggy trousers, soggy trousers!" (you know, Baggy Trousers... Madness?).  We couldn't see much of the coast or rocky islandy bits for the mist but every so often you could see further and it looked like a pirate ship should appear between the islands or out of the next bay.  Unfortunately, no pirates showed up - we were pretty disappointed.  That would have made a brilliant photo but as it was, what photos I had of the beach looked pretty flat and grey and boring.  We stopped in Kinlochbervie though to check out the harbour and so my Dad could get a new spinner (shiny fake fish thingy for catching other fish) from the chandlers.  There were some pretty cool boats in the harbour but I liked the colour of this one, the reflection on the water, the stripes created by the harbour wall and the graduation from brown to green.

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