Monday, 24 October 2011


I think light is probably the best thing in the universe.  Natural light, occasionally man made light, but light nonetheless.  The right light can transform things.  A fern in the woods is suddenly a fantastic array of patterns, as are the trees beyond.  The ferns all crisp and sharp and the trees turning into a kaleidoscope behind.  And I love the little bit of spider's web up the top between fern leaves, glowing a golden colour in the sunlight.  I'm not sure if I have always seen things differently to everyone else, but I suspect I have a little.  Having taken up photography I think the way I look at things has developed.  It might well be one of the best things about it for me, as I now have an excuse to look at everything the way I want to.  All the amazing things people walk past, I look at and photograph and not only do I get to see the beauty but I get to show people what they are missing, the beautiful things I see that they don't even know are there.  The way something is lit makes all the difference in the world, to the eye and to photographing it, and I love the sunshine.  Stars are fantastic things.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Six Days Old

I met baby Owen on the 27th of September when he was just six days old.  And he was pretty much what you would expect for such a small person!  Quiet, sleepy, stretchy, pulling a wonderful array of faces, and generally being tiny.  He didn't cry at me, which I take as being a good sign, and he very much liked my purple stripey hoody, so it seems he will be a boy of good taste!  I guess this is a rather clich├ęd shot, but there is something rather fantastic about tiny little hands.  And they won't be that small forever!