Monday, 24 October 2011


I think light is probably the best thing in the universe.  Natural light, occasionally man made light, but light nonetheless.  The right light can transform things.  A fern in the woods is suddenly a fantastic array of patterns, as are the trees beyond.  The ferns all crisp and sharp and the trees turning into a kaleidoscope behind.  And I love the little bit of spider's web up the top between fern leaves, glowing a golden colour in the sunlight.  I'm not sure if I have always seen things differently to everyone else, but I suspect I have a little.  Having taken up photography I think the way I look at things has developed.  It might well be one of the best things about it for me, as I now have an excuse to look at everything the way I want to.  All the amazing things people walk past, I look at and photograph and not only do I get to see the beauty but I get to show people what they are missing, the beautiful things I see that they don't even know are there.  The way something is lit makes all the difference in the world, to the eye and to photographing it, and I love the sunshine.  Stars are fantastic things.


  1. You really do have an eye for that hidden beauty. Thank you so much for capturing those moments and sharing them! You are truly appreciated :D