Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 184: Coastguard Helicopter

It was pretty rainy and miserable today.  We went out to Stoer Point with the idea of walking out to the Old Man of Stoer but it was pretty horrible so me and Mum decided we would stay back in the car and watch for dolphins, porpoises, whales and basking sharks as apparently it is a good place to watch from.  As we got there we noticed an ambulance that had overtaken us on the way out and then a couple of minutes later the Coastguard helicopter appeared out of the mist ahead of us.  The story we heard from people who had been out walking was that a man had slipped on the wet grassy path and broken his leg - I hope his leg heals quickly, but I suspect that's his holiday ruined nonetheless :-(  We watched diligently for signs of large sea dwellers and eventually, despite all the birds pretending to be dolphins and such like, we saw some porpoises!  Only briefly and not many but they were definitely porpoises - and they were so brief the only photo I got had an area of disturbed water where a porpoise had once been *sigh*

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