Saturday, 3 July 2010

Day 173: Jousting!

I was so excited about going to see jousting and I am incredibly glad that it was better than I was expecting :-)  I had so much fun watching them and taking photos.  There was every chance it would be very obviously fake in the interests of health and safety, but no - real lances and hitting each other and splintering lances and one guy came off his horse (I have a picture of him tumbling off which is kind of fun!  Well, not for him I don't suppose...) and it was just brilliant.  The horses were fantastic - seemed like quite a small area to me and they were really running and getting turned sharply and stopping quickly and they were skidding on the grass a little but didn't seem to bat an eyelid.  I would quite happily watch this again and again and take photos of them in action.  As it was I took about 1000 photos - there were some of the palace too - honest!  And actually I love some of the shots inside the palace so they will be posted on DA at some point (yes, I will eventually update it when I can keep up with the blog :-p).  So anyway, the verdict:  I have wanted to see jousting for a long time, I always thought it would be cool, and it is absolutely awesome!

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