Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 73: Fed Up With The Noisy Neighbours

Back at the zoo today and since we are under a very thick blanket of mist/fog (I never did learn the difference) we spent a lot of time indoors. The two groups of chimps can now see each other - previously there were barriers up so that they couldn't see through the windows and across the hall to the chimps on the other side - so there is a lot of peering through windows going on in both groups. The resident chimps seem pretty annoyed and anxious about it all and there was a lot of yelling and banging on the metal doors going on - when they do that you realise just how strong they are, from the amount of noise they can make banging on metal in comparison to what a human could probably achieve, and the fact that vibrations from the banging can be felt through the walls and floor. They are so impressive. The alpha of the new comers wasn't letting them away with all of it - there were a few times he got riled up and banged a little and his group did some yelling with him but nothing in comparison to the residents. It's kinda strange to see how calm they are in comparison - but then someone pointed out that the resident group will be feeling very threatened right now where the new group will be kinda seeing how it goes since they know they are not in their own territory anymore and don't quite know the lay of the land yet. This is one of the new group - sorry resident group but you guys are just not posing in the light for me! I don't really know what anyone else has thought of the couple of chimp photos I have posted but I'm really pleased with them because there isn't much light inside - they really have to be sat up the top of the frame near the lights and then you're still talking about a 60th at f5.6 and 1600 ISO - for those who understand that it might go some way towards explaining why I'm so pleased with them, and for those who don't understand - it is near impossible not to get blurry photos at that kinda shutter speed.
I won't be posting again until Sunday - I am away with the Guides from Friday to Sunday so I will do my best to get photos each day, although it might not be easy if we're busy and the weather sucks, and post them all Sunday night. See you in a few days!


  1. You're right this is another fantastic photo! he has such a sulky lip. I don't follow the technical stuff, just know that you have a talent x

  2. LOL That is a grumpy looking monkey! You really do have a talent. I could see a shot like this in a magazine, like National Geographic even. ;D