Monday, 22 March 2010

Day 70: Curiosity

I was at the zoo today so I went to visit the new chimps. A new group of 11 arrived last week to be introduced to the resident group of 11 at some point in the near future - pretty big challenge introducing 2 established groups like that but *fingers crossed* they all get through it ok. For now they are in separate parts of the house and part of the new chimp's domain is the research area which has big windows they can get right up to. This means you really really get a good idea how big they are and they were having a great time watching everyone with great interest - in between laying down and enjoying straw and watching the tv showing info about the zoo's sponsored project that they can see if they peer round to the left ;-) The other upside was I got good photographs for once! Being black makes them very hard to expose correctly either in sunlight or inside - particularly inside because there just isn't enough light - but here there was a reasonable amount and they were all chilled and watching so not too much movement. This, I believe, is the dominant male of the new group - Klaus (no idea how he spells his name yet - will ask him next time I'm there ;-)

1 comment:

  1. An excellent photograph! Opportunities like that will be rare when the turf wars kick off.