Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Day 57: Abstract Puppy

I do seem to like filling the frame :-p Also I like different angles - photos of dogs are pretty much always cute but they can be boring and I keep finding myself lying on the floor or randomly pointing the camera at the dog when he's lying on the floor to get interesting shots of him. Of course they move almost incessantly too (particularly when puppies - Aaron is 9 months old next week) so actually getting the picture you were intending is not easy. I wouldn't have got this if I had been looking through the viewfinder - the tiny patch of grey you can see in the bottom left is my sock on my foot and I was sitting cross legged so you can guess it wasn't a very well posed shot! But this is the result and I love it, despite his eye being a little out of focus, so the technique worked once again for me :-D

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