Saturday, 6 March 2010

Day 54: Yellow Crocuses

It was a bit grey and overcast today when I took this so it's a little muted but I think I like it better than I would have had it been all bright and sunlit, and I like the soft quality of it given by my having to take the aperture right down to get enough light in! The yellow and green complement each other too I think, which is probably where I wouldn't have liked it so much if it was all sunlit - it changes the colours and while they become much brighter I think sometimes they're too much...if that makes sense.

Also we must all now tell our cameras we love them - if they feel unappreciated they take revenge. I went to look at new cameras today and on the way I took my camera out of my bag and knocked my wide angle lens out of the bag and dropped it on to flag stones... luckily it seems to be ok - the UV filter broke but the lens itself seems ok - I will test it out tomorrow. But learn from my mistake - I had no idea my camera didn't realise just how loved it is and that I will never get rid of it even if I get a newer model!

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