Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 71: Yellow Flower Triumph?

They seem to be haunting me - yellow flowers everywhere - daffodils are coming out - lots of yellow crocuses - the winter flowering jasmine I got obsessed with (just discovered that's what it's called) - and now this little primula. But I think I might have cracked it with this shot - no idea how I did it because the flower is so small I had to use my wee camera on macro sitting on the earth in front of it to get the shot - but it does actually seem to work! I'm really pleased with it - it's interesting to me because you can actually see all the definition in the petals of the flower (I suppose the fact it is a flat flower might help), the yellow is as bright and vibrant as it seemed to my eyes, I like the leaves and the buds about to open into flowers in the background just slightly out of focus so that the main focus is the flower but there's still plenty to keep your eye interested in the background, and I love the little stick saying "Primula" next to it - can't quite think how to explain why but it's something to do with stating the obvious and gardening and showing it's in a garden instead of in the wild I think...I mean if I cropped it out the flower could be anywhere - you wouldn't know it was in my front garden! Anyway - I like it and my friend agreed with me that I had triumphed over my yellow flower phobia ;-)

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  1. I love all your flower photos -- they are so lovely, and you frame them so perfectly. :D