Saturday, 20 March 2010

Day 68: Ladybird

Ironically someone was talking about ladybirds yesterday and I thought I hadn't seen one yet this year - today I saw 3! It was probably the warmest day we've had yet this year though and I could have gone out without a coat on (yes still with a big hoody on but this is progress and rather warm!). I also saw several big bumble bees and the daffies aren't far from flowering. Depending on who you listen to either Spring started 3 weeks ago on the 1st of the month or it started today - today certainly felt like the first day of Spring so I think we'll go with that - for this year anyway ;-)

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  1. I get a mention!

    I love the highlights on the ladybird's shell. (And it's a native seven spot ladybird, whereas mine have all been invasive Harlequins, so that's good.)