Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day 72: After The Rain

My Dad is on holiday and we ventured into England today! It rained most of the day but we had a good time anyway - walking through the forest near the reservoir and watching the wildlife. We saw frogs, frog spawn, a male teal, a pair of goldeneyes, 5 cormorants, 2 little grebes (or dabchicks as my Dad calls them), quite a number of mallards, millions of chaffinches and I'm not even kidding - I've never seen so many in my life and because there were so many you could hear nothing but wing beats constantly, it was awesome - some siskins, coal tits, great tits, green finches, 2 greater spotted woodpeckers and an oystercatcher... I think that's it ;-) Just as we were leaving the rain cleared and we got a bit of a sunset over the water which I think turned out rather pretty if a little noisy - the ISO was at 1600 which I'd forgotten but then I'm not sure I'd have achieved this without it up that high so it doesn't matter - I like it regardless!

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