Saturday, 13 March 2010

Day 61: Cooper

Cooper is my new cousin and I got to meet him today. My aunt and uncle adopted him a couple of weeks ago - he is a one year old boxer and such a lovely boy. He's a gorgeous colour, his coat is so soft, he has a lovely face which is black from his nose up to his eyebrows and he's such a happy, bouncy, excitable dog. This photo isn't the best to show off his face and colouring but it was the most artistic shot and it's interesting to me. I like the way he is outlined in sunlight, the way the light is picking up the blades of grass and the way he is looking off into the distance, making you wonder what he is seeing. I think you can actually just see his breath in a cloud below his nose too - it was cold and he'd been running ;-) Anyway, perfect new addition to the family and I'm very happy to have met him today :-D


  1. another squishface. i knew it.

  2. Oi, that squishface is gorgeous! Love the pic Rach, you really are pretty amazing!
    Love you millions xx

  3. I love my squishface puppy dog - look forward to seeing the other pics and hopefully seeing you soon.
    i just luvyour work dahlin (said in a totally pretentious way)