Thursday, 18 March 2010

Day 66: Playing Trains

I have been very busy today! I built an entire railway and road system for Thomas and his friends... and also for my 3 year old friend. I was looking after my friend's little boy today and we played with his train set - he got a huge one for christmas and I think it took the best part of 45 minutes to build! It was pretty cool once it was all up though. So I didn't have much time for photography today between babysitting and going back out to Brownies and Guides - certainly nothing sophisticated, but I thought the engines in the shed looked cool (they went for an afternoon nap because they'd been working so hard, also Thomas had scrambled eggs for breakfast, Percy had cornflakes and Arthur had toast with jam on it - the conversations you have with small people!).


  1. Small boy is very impressed that his trains are on the internet!! I read out what you had written about them having breakfast and he said "What did desiel have?"

    Cool photo though!! makes the engines look bigger.

  2. I *think* Diesel had sausages on a roll ;-p