Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Day 65: More Yellow Flowers

I was going to start this post "I might be going insane." Having just done what I did I can confirm I have totally lost it. I just lost what I was writing because I realised that this had rearranged my photos. Me being the weirdo I am decided this wasn't on and they HAD to be the right way round and tried again, only to end up editing html to force it to do it my way and of course copied and pasted html before remembering to paste the copied text. *sighs*

I decided that I was going to try this stupid flower again because I was so disappointed and annoyed last night and the sun was actually shining today so maybe it would work out better. Turns out it's near impossible to get this flower exposed correctly. Maybe on a particular day in a certain month when the sun is at a certain position in the sky and there is x amount of cloud it is possible - but not for me. I'm beginning to think it's a yellow flower thing. I mentioned before my aversion to yellow crocuses, and here again I'm struggling and it's because it is near impossible to get it just as your eye sees it. Sunny days make yellow flowers blindingly bright and on shady days they just don't quite look as pretty as they should. So yesterday's was on a grey day and it isn't bright enough and it's not pinpoint sharp because it wasn't bright enough and there wasn't enough depth of field. Today's close-but-not-close-enough photos demonstrate: in the top photo that full on sunshine makes overexposure hard to avoid and definition hard to make out, and in the bottom photo that somewhere between full on sunshine and shade there is still not enough definition and sharpness and nor is the colour what it should be. At this point I give up.

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  1. you're too critical - these are very good and could grace a calendar x