Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 324: Icicles

I loved our icicles - they were sooooo cool!  They're also very pretty and we've just never really had as many, or as big as this, ever.  Our roof doesn't hold snow well - when it starts snowing it's a constant series of avalanches until there's nothing up there.  It does build up and sit on the edge and over the gutter though and this is how we got our icicles.  I thought they
framed the front door really well and it was like the entrance to a grotto or something (view out the front door on the right).  My dad decided they might be dangerous and took them down though.  I dunno - death by icicle?  At least it's an interesting way to go.  Better than "died in her sleep".  I think it would have been worth it!

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