Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day 351: Cobbled Reflection

I like it when you are doing ordinary boring things in an ordinary boring way and you see something like this.  Something a little out of the ordinary that looks good to you that 95% of the people around you will not see or appreciate.  I didn't, perhaps, capture it in a way that shows just what I saw but it was a grey day again and I was working with pretty low light.  It certainly shows the concept.
On a cheerier note we sang Happy Birthday to Wrinkles tonight.  He is now 24!  His birthday is the 25th but we always have problems getting the time to sing to him and with the fact that we all eat too much turkey and don't have room for cake!  I think he appreciates having more focus on him though, so he doesn't mind having a fuss made of him after the actual event, so long as it's not too long afterwards!  Happy Birthday Wrinkles!

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