Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day 335: Spiky Sunset

I took photos of the sunset but the problem with sunsets is that they need help to be interesting and pretty.  Either you need some well placed cloud or you need something in the foreground to set against the colour.  Cue some well placed burs.  Actually, it probably would have been better had there been cloud and more colour up into the sky for the background but I like this anyway.  I have also
included the photo I was originally using for today before I remembered the bur photo and unceremoniously dumped the other option.  I liked the shape of the leaf frozen onto the snowy ice and I like the faint hint of sunlight that makes the ice look a bit translucent and gives the photo some colour which has been seriously lacking since an awful lot of photos seem to occur in shade because the sun won't get high enough.  Anyway, I felt bad about ditching it so here it is :-)

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