Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day 334: Taste Of Chaos

I think it happens quite regularly that I pick the shot that maybe isn't actually the best, but is the coolest.  I liked this one a lot because of the fist from the crowd mirroring that of the uhhh, guy? on the screen.  I had a good time tonight.  I had never heard of Halestorm before but I really enjoyed them so I shall need to look them up.  The other bands were good too but I mostly went for Papa Roach who were, in my biased opinion, best.  Disturbed definitely had the best backdrop though.  That thing was awesome and I really liked trying to take photos of it.  It was actually reasonably easy to take photos of since it gave out so much light.  At times it gave out too much light and the biggest problem was switching exposures quick enough (I only took my compact camera - no way am I taking my precious SLR to a gig!).  I think it would be pretty cool to be a gig photographer.

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