Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 326: Lego Snowman

The Lego knights decided they wanted to build a snowman!  In the end they settled upon stealing the wizard's hat and making a snow wizard (there is a hint of a snow beard there if you look carefully).  I think they all look rather amused and pleased with themselves!  This could have gone slightly better.  I should have done it earlier in the day (that seems to be an every day occurrence) and I had problems moulding the snow into something that small which is why it turned into a snow beast.  I don't know if that was just the type of snow, or if I was just not doing a very good job, but it was so cold I didn't really want to hang around and try over and over again.  Would be cool to do it properly sometime.  I actually used the wee Lego shovel to try and mold the snow beast though - that amused me  :-)

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