Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day 323: Snowy Wilderness

It's amazing how much snow we have.  Me and my friend decided to go exploring in it and it made everything so much more interesting and exciting.  I love that quality of snow - the ability to completely transform a landscape and make it a different and more magical place.  It also made walking
rather harder than usual and we didn't get nearly as far as I had expected before we decided we were tired and going back.  We got a full range of weather too - grey and cloudy when we set off (as above), sunny, and snowing!  My main problem with the snow is I feel bad for all the animals struggling to keep warm and find food.  I always wondered what rabbits did in the snow - if they just dug through the snow to the grass beneath and ate frozen grass
but it seems they eat berries too!  I couldn't initially believe that he carried on eating so close to us but the poor thing must have been really hungry.  I hope he got enough to eat.  The day ended with a nice sunset which is always welcome.  I think it makes things better if the sun goes down on a good note :-)

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