Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 316: Drink!

Taking photos in the pub is certainly an interesting experience - for one everyone looks at you like you're daft, and then when they think the camera is pointing at them they cringe and look away while exclaiming "Don't take photos of ME!" even after you explain the camera is on macro... which I now realise doesn't mean much to a lot of people!  I got my photo though and I like it because it has such a range of different textures due to the variations in the condensation, the liquid in the glass and the ice cubes.  I also like it because I got to drink it ;-)  And I managed to acquire a new nickname too - don't ever say "That's me!" to a waiter asking "Who's the chocolate fudge cake?" because your friends will laugh at you and threaten to call you Fudge Cake forever more.  This photo is for my cousin, who very recently became a year older - it's a pity we couldn't have gone for a drink for your birthday but Happy Birthday Sadie and Cheers! *clink*

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