Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day 321: Snowy Sunset

Today was one of those days of many photos so I included several.  Above is my favourite one - it was so beautiful coming back down the road from my brother's house.  My dad pulled into a lay by so I could get photos and we only managed that because something had already been in the lay by and created a set of tyre tracks to follow.  I suspect whatever
it was was rather higher than our car though as we kinda surfed our way in and out.  There's a layer of fog covering Edinburgh and making it look like the Pentland Hills are floating, and it all just glowed.  The dog (right) was loving the snow, possibly a little more than me.  He was tearing round the garden like a complete maniac, bouncing and then getting his nose in and snow plowing through it, he kept snorting it up his nose and sneezing, eating it and then coughing (sometimes I wonder how bright he is ;-p).  The last photo (below) is a snow plow on the road ahead of us once we were down
the hill and into the fog from the sunset photo.  I still had my camera from taking the sunset photos so I took photos through the windscreen of the car which was fun.  I have some better ones of a snow plow in the sunshine on a bigger road but I liked how creepy this one was and it shows the contrast between up the hill in the sunshine and down the hill in the fog.

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