Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 319: Snow!

We started the day with barely a dusting (on the left) and at the end of the day it's coming down heavily! (above)  I am always surprised when it actually snows and lies and in any quantity.  But it is so nice when it does because it makes the world such a different place.  A really pretty place.  Today has been busy.  I was looking after small boy this afternoon, and his Lego men.
I had to hold a Jedi because he didn't want to be near the computer - this was after he had been held up to the web cam and had his photo taken in numerous different ways and with different effects... I don't blame the poor guy!  He ended up stood next to another Lego figure on the table and it seriously looks like he is horrified by the other's appearance.  This I can understand since it very much looks to me like Darth Vader having an identity crisis!  I have also been to see my brother's new house which is where the snow photo was taken.  And now I have a rocket to finish for tomorrow which currently looks like a squid.  I think it will be a long night!

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