Friday, 5 November 2010

Day 298: Guy Fawkes Night

I don't usually go out on Guy Fawkes night because I'm not that keen on fireworks.  I think they're really pretty but I am scared of loud bangs, even when I know what they are, and well, quite frankly, I don't trust ordinary people with explosives.  My friend has been bugging me to come to a display for years though and this time I thought I'd be brave and go (that was when I thought I was taking the earplugs which I forgot in the end...*sigh*).  I had a good time
- we had sparklers, well once we got them lit which took 10 times longer than they took to burn!  And I only swore a couple of times and jumped a few more times and cringed most of the way through which isn't too bad for me!  And they were definitely pretty :-)  There was also a guy twirling firey ropes (I have no idea what this is called) which was awesome!  I wish it hadn't been raining at that point and I'd had more time to try more photos.

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  1. I suck at taking pictures of fireworks, so I'm doubly impressed by the top photo! I like how the little purple sparks are showering out the edges :D