Saturday, 26 June 2010

Day 166: White Water Rafting

We headed up to Pitlochry for the day, had the best steak sandwiches we know of for lunch and then went for a drive around and a walk at the Linn of Tummel.  It's a lovely walk along the river, past a meadow full of flowers (I might post photos of that on DA at some point), and through woodland occupied by jays!  We saw a few of them even though they are generally very shy, which was really exciting.  Unfortunately my pictures of them don't do them justice as they were a little too far away and a little too fond of being hidden in amongst all the leaves.

The waterfall at the end of the first leg of the walk is brilliant.  It is powerful and you can easily get down on the rocks right next to it so the water is rushing past your feet just inches away.  It doesn't have a huge drop but it is impressive none the less.  Because the flow of water is controlled by the hydro-electric plant, it is well used by white water rafters as they can guarantee the level of water.  I think we saw about 10 rafts in the time we were there which I was in 2 minds about.  I get that it is a fun thing to do and obviously it is a good place for it and it was fun to watch their faces and take photos of all the splashing... but they did kinda get in the way and ruin the scenery.  It's not really natural to see a great big blue boat going over falls - especially when you went to appreciate the falls and nature itself.

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  1. Yeah definitely rafting is really fun and exciting way to spend vacation. hope i can also try that river ^_^.