Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 165: Heavy Horses

I went to the Royal Highland Show today with my friends.  They have been before but I haven't and I wasn't sure entirely what to expect.  It was vast.  I think we were there for, definitely 8 hours, more than likely more than 8 hours and we certainly didn't see everything.  I was most interested in the animals themselves and in particular the heavy horses.  I really like heavy horses - I've never been sure why but they are so big and powerful and beautiful and if I'm honest I have always loved their "tassly hooves" as I have called them since I was little - feathers I think is the proper term.  I was glad I saw them parading around the ring, and then later on, running around pulling wagons.

The team above is comprised of 4 horses pulling a twin axle wagon and they were the category winners - congratulations to Mouland Clydesdales! (they have a few horses for sale on their site - if only I was a lottery winner and knew anything about horses!)  There were many beautiful horses at the show and I had a hard time deciding on which picture to use but the one above was certainly the most dramatic.  My other favourites were of the horses as they went past, which showed their ribbons and harnesses and rosettes and were very pretty, but not quite as exciting as 4 great big horses running towards you with their brasses swinging.

I did, however, want to include a couple of pictures I got which I found funny.
Is it just me that thinks of a car wash when I see this?!  And I love that it specifies that it's for heavy horses - they get their own special shower :-D

 And then there was this horse which has the most beautiful mane...but doesn't seem to like not being able to see, which I can definitely sympathise with!

It kept putting it's head down and then tossing it back to throw the hair back out of the way, but of course after a few minutes of ear twitching it all fell down again and the process had to be repeated.  The worst part is that the rider almost looks like they are trying not to laugh and the horse has a "What?  Are they laughing at me again?" look on it's face - I hope it's hair gets pinned back normally when they aren't showing!

(as ever, click on the pictures to see them larger)

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