Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 152: Lupin

Puppy dog was one year old today - Happy Birthday Aaron!  We went for a really long walk which had many adventures along the way.  This made him very happy.  We didn't really understand or appreciate the happiness about the dung heap he went to play in but at least he was only up to his shoulders in it (isn't it strange when you get to considering that a good thing!).  A good splash in the river helped change him back from a two tone dog to an all golden and rather less pungent dog.  Despite adventuring on further along the path than we have ever been before and into the river, one of his favourite things still seems to be going through the lupin field.  There is an area of land next to the path we walk which seems to be cared for by no one and somehow, over time, lupins have practically taken it over.  It is beautiful and it's incredible how many variations in colour there are.
We are happy to walk through it because it is so pleasing to the eye and there is always another shade or colour combination to marvel at.  He likes it because it is like a jungle for a puppy.  There's lots to smell and see, but you never know what will be round the corner because you can't see over the top of the lupins, so you have to be ready for all eventualities (and stick close to those you are with because you're actually a bit of a wuss at heart and at least they can see where they're going!).  Lupin hounds are pretty smelly, but they aren't particularly dangerous and are definitely rather cute.

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