Saturday, 5 June 2010

Day 145: Rocket Flying

We got rocket flying again and it was a nice day - hurray!  It was actually technically not as nice as last time but much better from my point of view because I wasn't far, far too hot.  The cloud did eventually burn off though and in the last hour or so I got burnt... oops.  I took quite a lot of photos as usual and none of them are perfect - timing is everything because you only have time to get one shot off when the rocket takes off as the 2.5 frames a second I get on continuous shooting just doesn't cut it ;-p  The exposure was a slight problem too as the light levels kept changing as the cloud moved.  But anyway, I liked this one as it's a nice rocket, nice cone of flame and a decent plume of smoke.  Not mine of course as I don't have anything as big as this and I can't take photos and launch at the same time.  I like the rush of pushing the button myself :-D

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