Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 150: Miniscule

One of my favourite things to do at the beach is look for shells, and I discovered a couple of years ago that shells really do come in all sizes.  I found some really small ones and looked closer and found even smaller ones.  Since then I have looked closer and closer into the sand, lying on my tummy with my eyes inches from the ground, looking for the smallest shell I can find.  I love that they are perfectly formed shells at what seems like impossibly small sizes.  Ironically this is not the smallest shell I found last time I was at the beach.  It is the same shape but the smallest is probably a 3rd of the size of the one above and I didn't even bother trying to photograph it as I'm sure it would have been near impossible.  As it is, this is a macro shot severely cropped in.  And yes, that is my fingertip.


  1. I love the idea of looking "closer and closer" and seeing things otherwise missed. I t reminded me of an experience I had a number of years back, leaving church and seeing bright red bugs on the ground in front of my car. I squatted down to observe them, as I'd never seen such creatures. I was there for long enough that someone finally approached me to inquire after my health. I said, "Look - what are those? I never saw such bugs - they're so small, and so bright red!" I was told they were blood mites (to this day I don't know why they were in the church parking lot, save perhaps for my chance to observe them) but I also remember that I was quite alone in thinking teeny bright red bugs were so terribly fascinating...

  2. what a fab photo!