Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 153: Breaking Waves

It was pretty overcast today and I'm surprised we didn't get rained on actually.  The light didn't make photos easy as everything was pretty grey and dull but I did notice that every now and then the waves got a little stronger and broke over these rocks with a nice splash.  I really liked this one as the wave is in a classic curve - if you asked someone to draw a wave breaking that's probably what they would think of - certainly it's what I think of.  And I love the way it is frozen with all the droplets in the air.  I am not really a fan of long exposure photos of water as they take on a dull, misty, calm air and what I love most about bodies of water is that they feel so immensely powerful.  I cannot understand why you would castrate a waterfall, for example, and turn it into an airy fairy strip of mist where, when you are standing there watching it you can barely hear yourself think for the water thundering over the falls and you can feel the vibration in the rocks you stand on - to me that is the most fantastic thing - an example of the pure raw power of nature.  Waves are the same - I find them so much more fantastically exciting when you can see all the droplets frozen where they have been thrown up in the air.  Looking at this picture I can still hear the noise of the waves as they break and smell the sea air.  However, I have just managed to talk myself into really wanting to go stand next to a waterfall! :-)

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