Thursday, 24 June 2010

Day 164: Golden Sunset

I only took 3 pictures today - all of this sunset - and I picked which one I liked best immediately - but it still has taken me hours because I couldn't decide on the right crop!  I usually shy away from unusual ratios because I worry it will do the photo a disservice - if it's really long then it means that the photo ends up pretty small really because to fit the length in it has to be narrow.  The original of this photo has quite a chunk of blackness in the foreground and a lot of that dark grey cloud at the top and it's just boring and the nice happy golden sunset is hidden and lost in the dark expanse.  I really liked it long but that annoys me because it doesn't display well.  So this is my happy medium - it's still a little long but I have taken in the sides so it is a little easier to look at and I think I'm happy with it.  Maybe.  Well...yeah, ok, I'm going to bed now ;-)


  1. Nice picture! Good luck and keep up the good work! Bye, take care :P