Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 151: In The Gutter

I didn't take photos today - I didn't see anything or have any ideas, so it got to about midnight and I'm wondering what I'm going to end up taking a random macro shot of in the house because I cannot come up with any ideas.  I eventually considered outside and had a wander around but there aren't many stars at this time of year since it barely gets dark (my little program tells me there was 19.5 hours of usable light today), there were no convenient noctilucent clouds, and the idea of taking photos of flowers in the dark interests me but they would end up orange because of the streetlights and that doesn't appeal to me.

I did spot someone walking home from the pub though... and the cogs started turning... and I'm looking at the streetlights and the gutter and thinking, "Hmmmm, I wonder what the view is like from down there.  There are bound to be some people end up seeing that view on a Friday night so what do they see?"  Now I don't have to get wasted to know.  And I have a photo of it to remind myself where everyone else won't even remember they were there!  I know - it's a strange idea and it's maybe not very well executed but it is now 2am and I'm kinda tired.

PS - The timestamp on the post is before midnight on Friday and it will always be just before midnight if I have posted it later on because it shows as the next day if it is past midnight.  I like to keep them labelled up as the right day's photo even if I haven't got round to posting (or taking) it until after midnight :-)

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  1. Get out the gutters lady, what would Granny say...great shot though. Wish I had half your talent xx