Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 157: I See You

Another day of lack of time and inspiration, and the urge to do something different and creative but with no ideas of what!  So I had a look on Flickr at the section that shows you a selection of interesting photos posted in the last 7 days - there's a lot of weirdness and a lot of unachievable stuff and usually I just like looking but don't really get anything from it.  This time though, there were a lot of macro eye shots.  So I didn't think it would work but I tried it anyway and it's not like the other shots I was looking at because I'm further out, but I really like this and it looks even better in greyscale.  I decided to play with it and try colour splash for fun but the funny thing is that my iris shows up such a dark stormy blue in the picture that it is pretty much undetectable in the greyscale version without the white to set it off.

I'm rambling again.  Main things to say:
  1. I like this.
  2. It is greyscale which improves it over the full colour version I think because the colour (hint of the dark circles under my eyes, freckles, red veins in the eye, blue iris) detracted from it almost, whereas now it's all about the eye and the shadows.
  3. I probably also like it because I like drawing in charcoal and I love shading.
  4. And lastly, I like it because my eyes are mostly what this is about really.  I spend all day every day looking around me for interesting/beautiful/strange objects and occurrences to take photos of, regardless of whether I have my camera with me - it is all about looking and seeing the photo before you even lift the camera, so turning the camera on my eye is a rather interesting reversal of roles.

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