Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Day 149: Wing Mirror

I didn't have much time today.  I slept past my alarm so I wasn't up as early as I wanted, nor did I have time to be as prepared for going out as I'd like.  Photos weren't really a priority and once I was out I was in a dark cinema where I likely would have got in trouble looking for a photo opportunity.  Then to top it off I came home and was cold and kinda migrainey *sighs*  I am so glad I tried this out while my friend was sorting out parking tickets.  I've always loved sitting in the front seat of the car and being able to look in the wing mirror at what's going on behind.  My favourite times usually involve sunset and a beautiful sky behind us and reflected on the side of the car, all contained in the reflection in the wing mirror.  I tried it once before and it didn't turn out so well but we were on country roads bouncing about and changing direction.  I think it would require being on the motorway so we're going along nice and smoothly.  Anyway, I still like the view even though this is just in a multi-storey car park - lots of curves and colours and lights - it's interesting to me at least.

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