Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 257: G-Force

Hurray rocket flying!  I had a really good time today.  There was lots of joking and laughing and flying rockets and almost perfect conditions!  I actually flew everything I had with me (a measly 3 rockets, but still) without hesitation where I normally obsess over the wind and how far it will drift and not being able to find it.  There was a close call when I couldn't find the last one I flew but one of the other guys found it and all was well :-D  It wasn't even really that cold and I might have a hint of sunburn.  This rocket went really well on a G class motor - looked and sounded great.  It seems like the flame was actually bright enough to cause reflection in the lens which, in this case, is just kinda cool :-)  It was a good day.

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