Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 252: A Day In The Garden

A lot happened in the garden today.  I think the picture above is a honey bee but in all honesty I'm not sure so if someone can tell me then please do!  I really like watching these guys go amongst all the flowers with the hover flies.  And I like the purple flowers too!  Although I've forgotten what mum called them as usual.  It annoys me that the wing closest is out of focus but it's a toss up between a nice macro shot or depth of field because of my cameras.  I also got this close up of a spider (above left) but the web doesn't show up too well because the sun wasn't catching it from the right angle and the web was swinging about in the wind so it was hard enough to get a sharp shot of it.
Earlier in the afternoon we spent some time poking about in the new vegetable plot to see if there was anything we could have with dinner and we got turnip, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and parsnip!  Not much of any of them except the turnips really which have done really well but it's the first year and I'm really impressed.  I did find the coolest thing whilst pulling carrots though (right).  Aren't they cool?  All twisted round each other like they're hugging, and even vaguely looking like a love heart :-D  And, finally, we have the great golden tomato thief!  So we knew Aaron really liked tomatoes but we didn't quite realise what lengths he'd go to get them, he is a labradog though so we should have known his stomach would get him to do almost anything.  He broke a pane in the cold frame earlier in the year when he got hold of a flower pot full of pebbles mum had dug out the garden and shook it.
No problem, it was cleaned up and we haven't bothered replacing the pane because we don't need it that badly.  Mum did put a couple of tomato plants we didn't have room for in the greenhouse in there though just for a wee bit of protection.  This evening we heard cries of "Get out of there!  You wee thief!" coming from the garden and (above left) this is the sight we were met with - Aaron managed to wriggle his way into the gap left by the missing pane and steal pretty much every tomato on the two plants.  I have to admit I found it all very funny :-D

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