Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 240: Looking Back To Land

Me and my best friend ran away for the day again and guess what?   We ended up at the seaside again!  We seem to be magnetically attracted to it.  Berwick Upon Tweed was the destination and "Town Called Malice" was the theme tune (well who doesn't like singing "oooh ooooh yeeeaaaah!" after every time he says town called malice?!) not that we think Berwick Upon Tweed is Malice-y!  Well except for the slightly sinister, but oh so atmospheric and cool mist that was hanging around.  The waves were brilliant too - lots of big, huge, rolling waves and really good splashing.  The water was splashing up around the lighthouse and I kinda wish we had been over there when it was!  It had calmed down rather and the tide had gone out a bit by the time we walked out, but the wall was still all wet and there were bits of sea weed on it.  We saw a couple of seals too, much to my friend's excitement :-)  I really like this photo and I can't quite tell you why.  In comparison to all the wave photos it really stood out.  The only thing I can think is that it's just so different and atmospheric and it feels good.  I look at it and instead of seeing a dark dreary afternoon I remember the cool air and the thundering waves and the fresh air and the wind and spray from the waves and how invigorating and mysterious and far away it felt.

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