Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 251: Sinbad The Shag!

I took my sword to the beach for International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  AAAAARRRRRRRRRR!  (yeah, I'm not good at talking Pirate)  And whilst there we (me, my dad and the sword) had a good walk up and down the beach and over the rocks.  This shag was swimming about in the shallows amongst the rocks looking for food.  He wasn't far away at all and then hopped out onto the rocks to dry off.  I got very slowly closer and closer and he just sat there watching me to the point where I was probably about 4 metres from him! :-D  I decided not to try getting any closer as I didn't want to disturb him and after a wee while he decided he was hungry again and hopped back down the rocks into the sea again.  This photo is cropped but only slightly to centre him because it absolutely didn't need it otherwise.  Sinbad was an excellent poser (well he had to have a Piratey name and I decided that for alliterative purposes Sinbad was seafaring enough of a name for a Pirate seabird!).  We also drew in the sand in a
Piratey manner and I'm pretty sure I got a few funny looks wandering around with a plastic sword hanging from the waist adjustment loop thingy on my jacket, but it was good fun anyway!  I also got a far better grasshopper photo than last week's, but Sinbad was far too good to pass up :-)  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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