Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 237: End Of Festival Fireworks

Fireworks!  And from a distance where I don't have to put my fingers in my ears!  I have missed coming to the fireworks concert.  It has been a few years but nothing much has changed - they still set off more fireworks than I think it's possible to have and somehow the orchestra manage to play through it all without bum notes all over the place because they were jumping at each explosion.  I do wonder how they do that - surely they can't wear earplugs...  It's not easy taking fireworks photos!  They kept changing in brightness so I was trying to track the changes in exposure but it wasn't easy and the finale was so many bright white fireworks that they were all a little over exposed.  I liked this one from earlier on though, despite the fireworks leaving the field of view.  I think I prefer it that way because it fills the frame and there are fireworks just going up, just beginning to explode, fully exploded and fading.  It's almost like the life cycle of a firework!  I like that you can see the outline of some of the Castle too as it gives it all some context.

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