Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 238: The Floral Clock

We're on the Floral Clock!  It was mentioned at our district meeting and since I was in town today and had time I went to look and I think it looks great.  It actually made me all proud - I'm part of something that made it onto the Floral Clock :-D  There is also writing (in plants) along the top saying "A hundred years of Girlguiding" and on the right of the clock is the 100 logo (pictured below).  I subtly colour splashed the photo to try and detract from the bus and buildings out on the street.  I didn't want to just crop it as I think the context helps it a lot.  And I am slightly annoyed that it didn't all fit in the frame but I only had the compact camera (well it's bad enough having to go shopping without lugging a heavy SLR bag with you too!) and it seems that I could do with being about 2 feet taller than I am to take a photo showing the whole clock with this camera!

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