Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 95: Shadowy Squirrel Monkey

Took me a long time to decide on a photo from today because I took so many (about 370) and because there were actually quite a few good ones for once! Eventually I landed on this, mostly because it is the most dramatic. The sunshine was streaming in through the window and this monkey actually sat still for a few minutes looking around, then actually looked directly at me and I caught it! I am very pleased with this - certainly I think it's pretty good for a shot through perspex, into a room with low light, of a monkey that rarely sits still.

The other 2 I was torn between along with this one are on DeviantArt here:
Squirrel Monkey
Brown Capuchin


  1. This is my favourite. The lighting is very dramatic, the pose perfect.

  2. Dramatic Monkey is dramatic.